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This is a true story of my first experience with bisex, I was in my Tenti principles and, unlike today was very easy to find a toilet block on the side of the street in every city, so the temptation was there when I leave the field in my car. He used to send freudbox through the North and West Yorkshire, so I had enough to choose, but always remember the first time, and I think it is a good experience that is well and truly hooked in his case was me. It was a beautiful spring day in April 1971 and I was on the way to 70-30 in the 9 o'clock I went with a semi erection gently touched and I just had to yank off they knew that their bathroom was a block A has a few miles away as I close, freudbox I realized that there were a few cars out there, so I went into the freudbox layby and walked to the bathroom there was something about the smell of carbonic acid, freudbox as it was being cleaned and brown tiles when I still had three cabins, all with the doors closed, soI stood at the urinal, I heard on the toilet, and a man came from the center and left, so he went and closed the door had a hole in each wall, so I sat and looked through the two boys were in I play the dish sit with their tails now I know why, but I have an urgent need to strip what I did, because I only wore jeans and a shirt that could see the two guys looking ª me and fed one his cock through the hole I think. It was very thick and rather long, and had blue viens thick felt very hot forskin I removed the round and showed a purple head shot then I thought Id something wrong, but then came through his fingers and had some jel then I realized what he wanted, could butterflies in my stomach was trembling with emotion, feeling, and I was back and the hole and felt the cool jel slid his finger inside me after he moved I felt his fingers and barking between my cheeks hot nudges mepulled it with ease and now apart from your controller against my hole, freudbox he pushed me gently back and head impressive was felt in him the man was still a minute or so and then began to slide down the hole and deeper in me that I could see, made ​​the man on the other side looking through the hole in his side and that only the experience, the more you masturbate slowly as I could shoot my load every minute the man who now had his cock I felt very fast and I would have to write to the cabinet stood and feeds his dick through the hole and when I leaned forward, as was slightlt EASEY to keep your penis, so then I heard him whisper straw to started sucking. I was not sure about this, since I had never thought about the other guys sucking cock, but something I found something, and I leaned forward and took it in my mouth, then I 'm the guy who is fucking sorry I aloud and contraction felt in me and I had four or five jets of warm water Sponk shoCap could keep inside me and shot me. The first aircraft was shot in the cab and hit the wall three large drops on the floor between my feet fell felt I removed the only man now slowly softening cock and felt her hot filtered and drained me my leg was Sponk Dowman then knelt and sucks the other and in no time again how freudbox I felt his cock begin to throb and the rebound and shot struck him in the mouth the first ray of the back of the throat and had no choice but swallowed two planes, and I do not know why but I knelt there with his cock in my mouth shot, and seemed happy to let me get through still suck and I was convinced and then slowly withdrawn. It was one of the best experiences I've had, and although there were a lot freudbox of fun, because that day I will never forget my first experience with clay. noe the sad part is all under discussion, and I do not think we'll never seesomething that, as new. Thanks for reading this to be freudbox sure, bye, kevin.
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